Updated: Oct 26

Last year, JCFilms Studios opened its first PRODUCTION CLUB at its Studios in Phoenix, AZ. With much success, and the club just finishing its first feature faith-based film ‘FATHERS’, JCFilms is now creating these production clubs in cities all over the United States!

“The goal of the clubs is simple: Produce faith and family films. To collaborate with other creative believers in using our experiences and skills to change the culture for Christ” Bobby Lacer, National JCFilms Production Club Director.

From script writing to post-production; together we can create high quality, compelling faith and family friendly movies.

Currently, JCFilms has production clubs in: Phoenix, AZ, Mansfield, OH, Louisville, KY, Bridgeport, WV, Orlando and Tampa, FL

So, what is a Production Club? They are a collaboration of creative believers using unique experiences and skills to enact positive social change through film in our communities and across the country. Let’s face it, more and more of our mainstream entertainment is eroding family values. It’s time we get involved in creating more pro-family content and one of our PRODUCTION CLUBS is a great way to start!

The Clubs are divided into THREE PROGRAMS: QUARTERLY PRODUCTIONS Club Members will work on feature films as directors, actors, producers, writers, cinematographers, editors, and many more. CLUB MEETINGS Join us for our weekly meetings to learn more about film production through guided lessons and activities or experienced guest speakers. SOCIAL More than anything, JCFilms Production Club is a place to make friends with your fellow Tampa-area filmmakers. All experience levels are welcome!

To learn how you can join an existing club or start a club in your area contact Bobby Lacer at 270-844-9551.

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