JCFilms Studios reschedules the ALL IN film with new movie, FORGIVEN

The movie, FORGIVEN, will be replacing the production time slot on February 17, 2021 and will now be the inaugural faith movie for the new JCFilms Studios. “Timing is so crucial in the filmmaking process, and ALL IN just needs more time,” says Jason Campbell, President of the non-profit Christian film studio in Tempe, AZ.

The new story that is being made into film is called FORGIVEN and focuses on child abuse, a subject that could not have come at a better time. In the past year, during this global coronavirus pandemic that has shut down businesses and schools, child abuse has increased 82% with a record number of nearly 1 MILLION reported cases in 2020.

“And just like that God opened the doors for this film to be made,” Campbell said. FORGIVEN tells the true-life story of Andrea Weber-Pomykala, a successful real estate investor in the Phoenix area. As a young girl, Andrea was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused. Now, her story will be told highlighting her recovery, her forgiveness, and her perseverance to overcome.

Her goal is to utilize this film to help bring awareness and education and to assist communities with identifying child abuse. “This pandemic is detrimental to many of the children in our community because we know the abuse is getting worse,” Andrea said.

FORGIVEN will feature actor Dean Cain and production is to start February 17, 2020 at JCFilms Studios in Tempe, AZ. To learn more, please visit

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