Acting on YOUR Feet!

JCFilms Studio – Phoenix to offer Kids Improv and Acting Program.

This past February, JCFilms Studios opened its first of four national acting and production studios in Tempe, Arizona. For the most part, the studio has been offering acting and production classes for adults, now, they’re focusing on kids and teens!

“This year, we expect to produce over a dozen faith films. By challenging and training young people in courses like this, we hope to increase our talent pool,” says Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms.

Phoenix local actress, Kristi Lawrence will be leading this effort to engage more young people in the opportunities around this Phoenix faith and family studio.

Kristi is perfect for the job! She has appeared in over 20 films and several national television shows and has both a bachelor's and master’s degrees in education. In addition, Kristi recently starred opposite Dean Cain in a recent JCFilms film, FOGIVING.

These monthly classes are not only being created to help students prepare for future JCFilms movie projects but designed to develop strong film performances as well as self-confidence, good communication skills, and respect for other actors and their creativity.

The first of these classes start Sunday, August 15th from 2PM – 4PM for students age 12 – 18. Students can expect many fun and creative exercises designed to strengthen the important ability to correctly act on impulse, or “acting on YOUR feet” when the need arises. This includes improv, reacting appropriately to your scene partner, all the way down to appropriately acting/reacting without even saying a single word.

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