A new faith-based film about addiction and recovery is coming to Phoenix.

Updated: Feb 4

Actor Dean Cain, from Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, will star in a true story about a local man’s recovery from drugs and alcohol to a new life with purpose. The film, ALL IN starts production in Phoenix in late April 2021, and producers are looking for local talent.

ALL IN is all about how God creates divine coincidences to direct even the most broken. One such broken man was mechanic Mark Gill. His life, his story has encouraged many; however, his passion for helping people find recovery is changing many more.

You see Mark Gill is a recovering addict and alcoholic. After a family tragedy, Marks life was quickly sent into a downward spiral, which was outwardly exhibited by his excessive drinking and the exclusion of others.

Mark spent years in this condition, abusing away all his painful personal memories. Despite many efforts of rehabilitation, Mark decided to literally drink himself to death; yet, God had other plans.

“This transformation was supernatural, and we can’t wait to portray this story on the big screen,” says. Jason Campbell, President of JCFilms. “In addition, we’re equally excited that Mark’s story, Mark’s recovery ministry in Phoenix is going to be the opening film for our new faith and family film studio.”

Campbell is referring to a new faith and family film movie studio that offers both education and opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian movie making. “We want this to be the hub for Christian movie making…..creating compelling, entertaining, and wholesome content,” Campbell said.

Campbell met Mark at Sun Valley Church, where Mark now serves as the Director of the Celebrate Recovery Programs. Together they are developing the script for this new feature film that will star actor Dean Cain with production in the Phoenix area in late April 2021.

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