Sandy Kim

Sandy is a cool mom, wife, actress, creative geek, business owner, and goofball.  As a creative soul, her first love is acting, but she has also written, produced and directed films and episodic content that have screened at Phoenix Comicon and the Cannes FIlm Festival Short film corner.  She was put on this earth to tell stories and connect with people through shared laughter, heartache and humanity.  She is annoyingly optimistic and won't give up until she is a familiar face on TV and in movies (hear that Universe)!

Jason Campbell

Jason is the President of JCFilms and BMC Productions.  Jason has written, produced and directed over 30 faith and family feature films.  Jason has worked closely with many known celebrities in Hollywood and has a passion for inspiring young people to get involved in Christian films.  Jason and his wife Heather live in West Virginia. 

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Michael Ochotorena

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