You’ve got the passion.

You’ve got the talent.

You’re serious.

You’re ready to work.

Then, we are the right FIT for you! 




 These is not another quickly thrown together 'CHRISTIAN' acting classes and workshops that makes us all feel good and nothing gets accomplished! 


 A personalized, totally focused, getting results faith-fueled acting mentorship taught by professionals with the goal of getting you casted and/or involved in a faith-based films!  And we should know, because we have produced over 50 Christian films with hundreds more in line. 




How big are the classes & workshops?

No larger than 20 students. 

I am a working actor; are these studio for me?

Yes, all of our classes & workshops present a comprehensive, cohesive, powerful set of tools that any actor can employ to reach greater boldness and authenticity in their work. Some of these things may be familiar, but the most important insights offered are refinements.  So, while there will likely be some beginners in the class, it’s important to remember that everyone is here to learn, experienced actors included. So, if you are an experienced actor looking to take your work to another level, then look no further.

I am a beginner; are these studios for me?

Yes, we believe that your motivation to learn will be your benefit.  I’ve seen it many times. Beginners will not only be taken seriously but will granteed patients and understanding along the way.  Our goal is to see you succeed.  Our goal is to see you moving forward with great rapidity in both understanding and ability. 

I want to work in film & TV; are theses studios for me?

Absolutely, that is our main focus of training.  And it doesn't stop with coaching and teaching. Our goal is to get you active in pursuing your dream of acting. Our goal is to see you casted!  So, the skills you will learn at our studio will help you in all aspects of acting. 

When you say Faith-Based what does that mean?

We are a 'Christian' faith and family friendly film company.  Christian being defined as 'Christ Like.'  This is not to be confused with religion.  We believe, Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with the living God.  As for the training, you should expect every class to open in prayer, no foul language and no suggestive script reads. 


 95% of acting teachers are failed actors!   NOT OUR TEACHERS! 

All of our teachers are active and working actors.

Film Clapboard
"I have been involved in a dozen projects. Always fun, always rewarding."

Student, Jennifer Jordan

" So much fun!  Well organized family activity we all did together. "

Sanders Family

"The best class ever! They even help you get casted in one their films."

Mindy Palmer, Student