JCFILMS STUDIOS is a faith and family friendly movie studio that offers both education and opportunity for people of faith to get involved in Christian movie making. The studio will operate as a non-profit film ministry and will be located in Tempe, AZ.


The studio will be designed as a hub for Christian movie making.  From script writing to acting; the goal of the studio is to change the culture for Christ through film by creating compelling, entertaining, and wholesome content.


Let’s face it, more and more of our mainstream entertainment is eroding family values.  It’s time we get involved in creating more pro-family content… and the Phoenix area is perfect for such a film ministry. 


To date, JCFilms has produced over 30 faith and family films.  They hope the new studio will not only attract more film makers but offer people of faith the unique opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the faith-based film industry.


JCFilms will be using its new studio as early as February 2021 to produce an upcoming Dean Cain film dealing with the horridness of sex trafficking.  So, here is your chance to get involved! 


With over DOZEN feature films to be produced next year, NOW IS THE TIME for you to write that script, take that acting class, start that film production and get involved! 

JCFilms started in 2013 with Erik Estrada!  Since then, JCFilms has produced over 30 faith-inspired films with productions all over the World! 
"The team at JCFilms is changing the world through film."

Pastor, Dave F. Sumpter

" These guys at JCFIlms have a passion for getting people involved. "

James Family

"JCFilms has positively impacted our community with their films."

Thomas Levin